Masalamachi's Website

Hello to all. My name is MasalaMachi. And this is my website. I Live in India and speak Hindi. I've been on the internet for quite a while and I know my way around it quite nicely. I've gotten myself a P.hd in 'Internet Degeneracy' And I like to speak about it and the general things that happen around it.

My face

I do have a youtube channel where I have barely posted content at all. I'd like to make more stuff for it but the kind of art style I chose for it is hard to make and my videos are mostly satire or comedy (whatever you wanna call it) I like to cover topics no one has ever covered and think about stuff no one has thonked about.

And yeah that is a photo of me.

Things I like

Things I like include socializing, koding, reading, thonking, philosophy, knitting, and many things I don't remember. Dank memes are gud too.


If you find my videos interesting then you should consider donating money to me to let me continue this endeavour.

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